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Dear Dale & Judi,

We want to help continue the teaching of spiritual truth, and help save America from spiritual and more decline!  

"Yes, I want to Partner with Words of Life Ministries in taking the saving, delivering, and healing message of Jesus to all the world!"

Pledge securely through's TRUSTe Approved Privacy Policy assures you that your information with us is not shared with any third party without your knowledge. Your information is only shared with the organization that you are making donations to or if you are providing any of our services to your clients then you can be rest assured that your information is not shared with anyone. Our detailed privacy statement can be viewed in full following the link provided above.
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FINANCIAL POLICY: To those who are in financial difficulty, we will make available up to 2 teaching tapes per week at no charge (additional teaching beyond 2 per week can be obtained at a price of $5 each).  We care about you as a member of God's family, and we will send these teachings to you in faith if you cannot afford to send money at this time.

All we ask is that you listen to the tapes within a week, and then respond by mail with a praise report about how the teachings have helped you (this is necessary before we would send you more tapes at no charge).  If you cannot send any finances, at least pray for us.

We do not want a temporary lack of money to keep people from receiving ministry when they need it most. We believe God will speak to His people to give financially to enable us to help other believers who are in need. And we are trusting you will be obedient to do your part to help the teaching of God's Word continue changing people's lives.  

We appreciate your commitment to increase your knowledge in God's Word, grow in your faith and be a blessing to others.

This sheet may be photocopied.


FINANCIAL PARTNERSHIP: You can help us continue ministering and making many of our resources available without charge by sending a monthly or one time offering to: Words of Life, P.O. Box 701045, Tulsa, OK, 74170. To give by credit card, you may call and leave a secure message at 1(800) GET-WORD. To order ministry materials or give by credit card, you can also visit our web site,

REPRODUCTION AGREEMENT: Paper duplication or electronic forwarding of this teaching is permitted for non-commercial purposes provided that the complete message and contact information for Words of Life is included. Thank you. Copyright 2002 - 2006, Dale W. Leander.

TO SUBSCRIBE OR UNSUBSCRIBE: Just email us and tell us your preference.